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BUHONET Services

Parental control WEB

It is an artificial intelligence system , is responsible for monitoring all the words of the pages you visit your children, "reading " literally every word, determines the need for real-time filtering .


Antivirus system in real time, charged with monitors not only downloads, but also the files in the web pages before they reach your computer.

Image Filter and Advertising

Draws on information (meta DATA ) images and advertising signs , by which we can filter any incorrect information offering our customers a clean, distraction- free navigation.

Access to BUHONET Networks

All our customers can access their credentials to any wifi hotspot service possessing BUHONET in friends' homes , hotels , utilities and municipalities.

Secured WIFI for childs

As an additional service, we offer the possibility of installing a router in your home wifi, a fully protected signal BUHONET all services , getting any device that is connected to said signal from being automatically protected : Televisions , computers, game consoles , etc.

Time controls

Our advanced service system using wifi router , allows the possibility of including a timer for each of the connections, can determine how long you can enjoy internet every member of your family.

* This service requires WIFI ROUTER , sold separately .

Social Media Filter

To avoid distractions , we can prohibit access to social networking sites and internet services, Like: MSN, YAHOO, HOTMAIL, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE & VIMEO.

* This service requires WIFI ROUTER , sold separately .

In travel

Both basic manual setup option , as advanced wifi router option , can be used from anywhere in the world and always at a safe Internet and quality.

The company

We are a young company, we think that our needs can be the same as that of our customers , so we carry out projects that we needed in today's society , where people need a secure connection to access content quality .

  • 2009-2010

    The beginning

    The idea was born from the need for safe navigation and provide a service that people demand.

  • 2011-2012

    Router Wifi

    Our design was evolved to achieve a quality that we are proud to present to customers.

  • 2012-2013

    New WEB platform.

    The constant evolution leads us to include an admin panel and new control options for our users.

  • 2013-2014


    After these years of testing in controlled environments , we began to offer advertising our service to the world .

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